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If you are looking for same day payday loans in UK from direct payday lenders you can get £750 same day cash advance loan within 1 hour from us. Bad credit is ok. No credit check for some applicants.

Here is why you should apply for a same day payday loan UK with us:

  • You can keep the cash for 100 days, 90 days, 60 days or 30 days as you wish
  • Your credit is not a problem. Bad credit is ok with our payday loan direct lenders
  • Loans are approved instantly and cash deposited into your account within 1 hour
  • You just need to have a job anywhere in the UK to be approved for a loan
  • You can do anything you want with the money; lenders will not ask any questions
  • We have a 99% approval rate
  • If you apply before 1 pm London time, you may get the cash in your bank account the same day
  • No faxing is required – it’s a 100% online paperless payday loan

Direct Payday Lenders means no faxing is required and bad credit is ok. Our rates are low too. We charge £25 or less per £100 borrowed for 28 days. This is much lower than many UK direct payday lenders operating online. Please fill this form and one of our lenders will contact you.

The main benefit applying a payday loan with us is that your credit is not a problem and you might get a FREE payday loan if you are a first time customer. Just apply!

The biggest benefit with direct payday lender UK is that we also offer weekend payday loans. Don’t worry if you are applying a payday loan in UK on Saturday or Sunday – you could still get the loan the same day by midnight. We offer same day payday loans too. It means if you apply today and get approved – you will get your cash on the same day before midnight.

Our rates are fixed. £25 per £100 borrowed. No hidden fees. (FYI this comes down to a fixed annual interest rate of 300%). What's more - our lenders can help you rebuild your credit rating.

Other benefits: No fax required, 100% online hassle free process, same day cleared funds in your account, bad credit is ok.

If you are more then 18 years of age and earn at least £750 net per month - you can qualify for a loan from us.

Our online application is easy, short and secured. You don't need to fax anything and again, your credit is not a problem with our lenders.

Most loans are approved in instant or as little as one hour. Now that's a huge benefit. If you just cant wait to get cash - we should be your choice. Your loan will be approved in minutes and you get your cash in 1 hour.

Our application takes less than 4 minutes to fill the application. Once you hit submit the application will then be sent over to many loan lenders in our network, and depending on your criteria you may or may not get approved. All this will happen in seconds and you won’t realize.

If you are approved – then and there on the same screen you will be given an electronic Credit Agreement to sign online. As you can see everything is online, there is nothing to fax and poor, bad or no credit is ok.

Many lenders competing for your loan also means lower rates on your loan.

If you have CCJ or even defaulted in some payment your loan will get approved.

No other payday loan company in the UK will give you so many benefits. Go ahead, apply and get the cash you want.

Why same day payday loans?

Sometimes we need cash urgently. It could be due to medical reasons (accidents, hospitalization, operation etc), or may be for filling gas/petrol/diesel of the car, or an unexpected credit card bill. Whatever be the reason, urgent cash requirement is very common in the UK. Our payday loan application helps you to get cash the same day.

However it’s important that you apply before 1 pm to get the cash the same day. If approved, our direct lenders will send cash to your bank account the same day. By 5 pm in the evening you should get cash into your bank account. If not please contact the lender.

What are the benefits of direct payday lenders?

Well the benefits are many. Direct payday loan lenders are licensed payday cash advance lenders and they need to follow government laws to run the payday loan business. Following payday loan laws in the UK means they have to adhere to certain terms and conditions while offering a loan. It means they cannot charge more than a specified limit. They can only charge a finance fee that is well under the limit of the UK government laws. Therefore when you apply for a payday loan with us, rest assured you will get high quality service at a very low cost.

Should I really keep the loan for 100 days?

Short answer is no. First of all not all of our lenders will allow you to keep the cash for 100, 90, 60, 45 or 30 days. The business of payday loans depends on loan payback the very next payday.

So ideally if your payday is 7 days away you should payback the loan in 7 days (the day you get your pay). This will help you in two ways. First – you will pay a lower fee because the fee is calculated on a daily basis. It means the earlier you pay the lesser you pay.

Let’s take an example. Suppose you take a £100 loan for 30 days from us, but you payback in 15 days. It means you paid back in half the time. Therefore your fee also reduces by 50%. It means you will pay us only £25/2 = £12.50 + £100 on the 15th day. Isn’t this a great advantage? This way you will save a lot more money.

Second advantage of not keeping the money for 100, 90, 60, 45 or 30 days: Whenever a direct payday lender offers you a loan, the default rule is that you payback on the very next payday. Now if for some reason you are not able to pay, you can ask for a rollover loan. It means the lenders will give you another loan to payback your previous loan. This way your loan will extend for another 30 days. However it doesn’t come for free. You will have to pay a fee to get another loan. Now to keep the money for 100 days, you may have to take 3 rollover loans. You do the math – how much in fee you end up paying to the lender.

Therefore we always encourage our payday loan takers to try and payback the loan in full on their next payday itself to avoid the high fee of a rollover.

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